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Tips to Save Money on Your Prescription Costs

Tips to Save Money on Your Prescription Costs

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition or a short-term illness, your doctor will prescribe you a medication to treat your condition. However, these prescription drugs can be pricey. As a result, many people skip the medication and put their health at risk.

At Ecogreen Pharmacy, we are committed to providing people access to quality and affordable medications. Here are simple hacks for saving money on meds and medical supplies in New York:

  • Try generic drugs
    Switching to generic drugs is the most common way of reducing medication costs. Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as branded medications, so you can save more without compromising the quality of our medications. You can talk to your pharmacist about setting up your generic plan.
  • Apply for assistance
    There are many prescription drug assistance programs available in your state or local government. The eligibility requirements may vary so make sure to contact your local government office in advance.
  • Request samples
    Ask your doctor for free samples. Aside from saving money, this allows you to test the medication before buying.

Are you looking for a Pharmacy in New York, New York that offers quality medications at an affordable rate? Come and visit us today.

If you are planning to transfer your prescription to our pharmacy, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is fill our transfer prescription form.

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