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Is Something About Your Medication Confusing You?

One of the factors that can lead to non-adherence to prescriptions is non-comprehension of the role each drug plays in your treatment. That’s normal because most people are not medical professionals or have studied pharmacology. However, it can hel...

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Why Do Some Medicines Require Special Packaging?

Most of the medical supplies in New York that we’re aware of are the ones that we purchase from the nearest pharmacy. However, if you’re taking care of someone with special needs, you’ll notice that some medicines are actually packaged …...

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Three Things to Remember to Avoid Getting Sick

Getting sick is a big no-no. As much as possible, we must not allow sickness-causing germs and viruses into our bodies. For one, getting is very expensive. Purchasing medicines and medical supplies in New York requires a lot of money … Read More ›


The Importance of Packaging Our Medicines Right

If you look at our website, one of our services includes special packaging. Maybe you’re wondering why someone would want to order medicines and seek a special kind of packaging for their purchase. A paper bag or a plastic bag … Read More ›


Reasons Why People Transfer Prescriptions

Are you planning to transfer prescription refills from one pharmacy to another? Don’t be shy. People do it all the time. We ourselves have had people who transferred their prescriptions from us, and others who asked us to transfer their … Read More ›


Essential Vitamins for Expecting Women

Pregnant women need more vitamins and nutrients than usual as the baby gets all the necessary nutrients from the pregnant mother. Taking prenatal vitamins and eating healthy food can help ensure that the baby is getting all the nutrients they &hellip...

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Dr. Ella Sleep Aid