Effective Ways to Stop Stress


Stress is a natural part of life and how you handle it can impact both your physical and emotional health.

Today, Ecogreen Pharmacy — a licensed provider of high-quality Medical Supplies in New York — will be giving you a list of effective ways you can stop stress.

  • Chew on Gum
    Feeling like things are getting a little overwhelming? Grab a stick of gum and start chewing.
    According to studies, chewing gum can help relieve both stress and anxiety. This may be because the rhythmic motion of chewing helps boost blood flow to the brain.
  • Spend Some Time Outside
    Spending time outdoors is an effective antidote to stress. Not only do natural settings induce calmness, but being outdoors often means being active, too.
  • Sniff Some Lavender
    Ever wondered why spas and massage parlors always smelled like lavender and mint? Well, that’s because certain smells can elicit a relaxation response.

One study compared the stress levels of nurses who had vials containing lavender oil pinned to their clothes to those who did not.

The nurses who were exposed to the lavender scent reported feeling more relaxed than those who weren’t.

Lavender can also increase the effects of anti-anxiety medications and painkillers prescribed by Pharmacists.

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