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Three Things to Remember to Avoid Getting Sick


Getting sick is a big no-no. As much as possible, we must not allow sickness-causing germs and viruses into our bodies. For one, getting is very expensive. Purchasing medicines and medical supplies in New York requires a lot of money on your part. Hospitalization is even worse.

So how does one avoid getting sick? Here are three things you’d want to keep in mind.

  • First, you’d need to mind your lifestyle. The food that you eat and drink, and the kind of activities that you subject your body do can have all sorts of effects on your body. Alcohol and smoking can make us feel good, but they can actually damage several organs in your body.

    Eating junk food may feel good, but can also lead you to becoming overweight if you don’t exercise. So, make it a point to add some exercise regime to your everyday life.

  • Second, you might want to stay on track of your immunizations. Unlike bacteria, viruses cannot be cured by antibiotics alone. Their virulence also makes them deadly and fatal, which means you need an immune system primed to provide protection before they even get into your body. That’s what vaccines are made for, which means you should stay up to date with your inoculations.
  • Third, if you do get sick, please make sure to take your medicines as instructed to your by your doctor. Medication adherence is very important, and non-adherence can lead to serious effects like antibiotic resistance. You might want to transfer prescription to a pharmacy that will automate prescription refills so you’re always having enough medicines in your kits.

If you need a pharmacy in New York, New York with prescription refills and free delivery, contact us now at Ecogreen Pharmacy.

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