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Know More About Our Pharmacy

It is already given that there is a wide pool of pharmacies out there. But what makes us different from the rest? Here is some information that you should know to learn more about how Ecogreen Pharmacy, a Pharmacy in … Read More ›


Types of Medication-Related Problems

A medication-related problem is anything involving drug therapy that interferes with or has the potential to interfere with the desired outcome for a patient. Listed below are some types of medication-related problems: Adverse drug reactions Dose too...

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Safety Tips for Taking Multiple Prescriptions

Taking prescription medications helps treat a disease or medical condition. But if you take them the wrong way, it can be dangerous to your health. At Ecogreen Pharmacy, we always remind our customers to keep track of their medicine and … Read More ›


Tips to Save Money on Your Prescription Costs

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition or a short-term illness, your doctor will prescribe you a medication to treat your condition. However, these prescription drugs can be pricey. As a result, many people skip the medication and pu...

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Safety Tips When Visiting a Pharmacy Amid COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, people are urged to stay at home and practice social distancing. However, you may need to venture out to buy medication or pick up a prescription. At Ecogreen Pharmacy, we implement infection preventio...

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Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu

As the cold season rolls in, boosting your immune systems should be a priority. Protecting yourself from the cold also means preventing the flu which affects many people each year. Here are simple tips you can do to avoid catching … Read More ›

Dr. Ella Sleep Aid