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The Importance of Packaging Our Medicines Right


If you look at our website, one of our services includes special packaging. Maybe you’re wondering why someone would want to order medicines and seek a special kind of packaging for their purchase. A paper bag or a plastic bag should be enough, right?

The truth is – special packages are required in some cases. For instance, if the medicine is intended to travel a significant amount of distance from a pharmacy in New York, New York before it reaches the recipient, it will need such packages in order to keep them safe from shock and sunlight and to prevent premature degradation.

There are many kinds of special packaging that we offer. For the elderly, our medicines are packaged with large and clear labels so our grandparents and parents can easily read what it says. For households with children, we also offer child-proof packages.

Like the example mentioned above, we also have travel containers that will protect medical supplies in New York from wear-and-tear while traveling from our pharmacy to their distant destinations.

In addition to offering special packages, we also transfer prescription from your previous pharmacy to us. All you need to do is just give us a call at EcoGreen Pharmacy.

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