Compounded Medicine for Urgent Situations


Have you ever experienced trying to buy medicines from your doctor’s prescription, but the items are out-of-stock? Or got allergic to a particular Medication?

If that is so, then Compounding can serve as a backup. Here are some reasons why:

  • It is readily available.
    When medicine is out of stock, you do not have to look farther and waste time, especially when there is an urgent need. Do not forget to ask your physician about it.
  • It can contain components based on a patient’s particular needs.
    When a person is allergic to a substance in a commercially available medicine, compounders can create a formula specifically made for him. You will no longer worry about not taking vital prescriptions because you can request from our Pharmacy in New York, New York, to compound them for you.
  • It is flexible.
    Some people can no longer swallow their pills, so you can choose to compound liquid medicines for tube administration. Aside from that, there also are services such as sublingual products and transdermal gels. We also have Medical Supplies in New York.

If you are at a point where you need to take medicines but are not available, you can opt for an alternative. Give a chance to other solutions and ask us at the Ecogreen Pharmacy about them. We follow standards set by the state so you can trust our services. Call us to request a Transfer Prescription.

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